Home Office Ideas - Interior Design at Work

Home Office Ideas – Interior Design at Work

Today’s technology makes it possible for people in various industries to work remotely from just about anywhere. If given the choice, many people would opt to work from home. After all, there are so many perks. No commute or business attire, extra time to spend with family, and the opportunity to sleep in a little longer just to name a few.  Of course, the recent COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for many people to work from home. It also gave employers the opportunity to see whether a remote workplace was right for their business. For some, this has already become a permanent way of doing business and others are sure to follow, leaving many of their employees to set up a workspace at home. Here are some home office ideas to help you create a space that’s functional and comfortable.

home office design ideas

The Perfect Location

When it comes to home office ideas, this is among the most important. Finding the perfect spot may take a little experimenting, especially if you don’t have a room that can be dedicated to setting up your home office. It’s best to choose a place where you won’t be in the middle of your home’s traffic flow. Removing yourself as much as possible from the household activity will allow you to be more focused and productive. It’s also important to make sure you have enough space to work comfortably. 

A Room with a View

If possible, set up your home office near a window. The natural light and the opportunity to take in the view for a moment or two when you look up from your work can help inspire and motivate you. If having a window isn’t an option, another great home office idea is to hang a favorite piece of art above your desk. It will be much more pleasant than seeing a blank wall when you glance over the top of your computer screen.

Stylish and Functional

This is one of those home office ideas that can be a bit of a balancing act. While it needs to be functional and contain all the items necessary to get your work done, you don’t want your home office to look or feel like you ordered an office cubicle from Staples. Whether it’s traditional, modern, or rustic, carry the style of the rest of your home into your workspace. It can be helpful to ‘borrow” a piece or two from other areas of the house. An old bookshelf can be repurposed to organize your office supplies or a forgotten end table can make a perfect stand for your printer.

Sitting Pretty

Since you are going to be sitting at your desk all day, one of the best home office ideas is to treat yourself to a good office chair. Don’t just grab one of the kitchen chairs. Otherwise, when you close the office for the day, you’ll be all stiff and sore. A good office chair is ergonomically designed and they come in a variety of styles so you can get a chair that’s comfortable, looks good, and goes with your decor. 

Big Enough to Share

If there’s more than one person working from home or a child attending school online, it’s important to have a space big enough to share. There are a variety of options. You could furnish the space with a long desk where you could sit side by side or you could have separate desks on the opposite of the room. If you need more privacy in a shared home office, a particle room divider can introduce a new design aesthetic and provide each person with their own space. 

 Home office interior design ideas

Even Though You’re Working…

…make it feel like home. At the office, you probably didn’t have a choice, but maybe you don’t want to be stuck at your desk all day. If you’ve got the space, bring in a cozy chair or even a sofa. Kick your shoes off, grab your laptop, and hang out on the couch for a while. If your four-legged best friend is happy to have you home and always hanging out in the office, get them a bed for the office.

Bringing Home Office Ideas Together

Struggling to bring your ideal home office to life? At Home Custom Interiors can help. My team and I can create a home office that combines form and function. With a complete line of interior design services, we can handle anything from creating a built-in office nook in a quiet corner of your home to creating a brand new office in that extra bedroom. Whatever your home office needs are, we can make it happen. Ready to get started? Let’s talk!

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