Sometime during the summer of 2006, I received a call from a woman who had just received one of my postcards in her mailbox. “I just moved into this big house, I have white walls, no furniture, nothing on the windows. Can you help?”

Tarra and I became fast friends and over the next few years we transformed those white walls into a gorgeous home where her family grew, holidays were celebrated, and life went on. Every last detail was thought out, we took chances, broke rules, and it all worked. I was grateful for her confidence in my abilities and for the special bond we developed.

Teresa Tumminia, Founder of At Home Custom Interiors

So what does this have to do with lightning? Was that just some weird sentence to get you to keep reading? Nope.

Life pulls us in different directions and sometimes we have to just have faith, take the path, and trust that it will all come together. My life pulled me into other pursuits and over the years I became the creative editor for Home & Garden NJ. My husband and I also run a small family farm where we grow veggies, flowers, and maintain a small apiary. We creative types always need an outlet – whether it’s publications, gardens, or interiors – my need to create beautiful surroundings will always come to the surface.

Ok, here’s the lightning part. in the fall of 2018 my phone rang. It was Tarra and I thought, “great, she’s calling to meet for lunch.” Not quite. Instead, she was calling to tell me that her home had been struck by lightning and everything was either burned or damaged by the water. A complete and total loss. The family was safe and thankfully not home at the time, but now she needed to put her home back together again. Time for me to come back to my first love, interior design. 

Interior Design, Red Bank NJ

Follow the journey as Tarra and I restore the shell of the house back to its glorious state. Experience the transformation on Instagram @athomecustominteriors!

~ Teresa

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