Soft Window Treatments - The Possibilities are Endless

Soft Window Treatments – The Possibilities are Endless

Whether they make a bold statement or create a subtle backdrop, window treatments can significantly influence the mood of a room. There are so many different options available from blinds and shades to drapes and valances. However, the decorating possibilities of factory-made blinds and shades pale in comparison to that of custom-made soft window treatments. Blinds and shutters tend to be more style-specific, whereas soft window treatments are extremely versatile. They can work with any decor from formal to casual and create hundreds of different looks depending on the color, texture, and design of the fabric used to make them. Before you start looking at fabric swatches, you first need to choose the type of soft window treatment you want.


This type of soft window treatment can be either functional or stationary. Functional drapery panels can be opened and closed, making them more than just decorative. When open, they can frame the outdoor view while allowing the room to be filled with natural light. Closed, they can provide privacy and limit the amount of light entering the room. Linings can be added to drapes to block out light completely and protect them from fading. Pleated drapes are normally hung on traverse rods to make them easy to open and close. Rod pocket, tab top, and grommet top drapes manually slide along the rod to open and close them.

types of soft window treatments

Stationary drapes are strictly for aesthetics. They can be hung open on either side of the window or they can be hung closed and draped to the side with fabric or ornamental tie-backs. They can be hung in conjunction with blinds or shades, allowing for privacy and light control without opening and closing the drapes. Sheer drapery panels can also be hung over a window with stationary drapery panels to diffuse the natural light entering the room.

Roman Shades

If you prefer functional soft window treatments, roman shade is another great option. They are more decorative than factory-made shades and can be customized to complement the room’s decor. Roman shades are a good choice if you’re looking for more color or detail than a traditional roller shade. They can be made with a solid color or printed fabric. They can even be made from fabrics used on other soft surfaces in the room. Roman shades offer the functionality of shade or blinds but with a lot more style.

Soft window coverings


Sometimes referred to as a window topper, these soft window treatments are primarily decorative, covering only the top of your window. Valances can be used alone but are often paired with various other types of window treatments. They can be used with drapery panels to add more dimension. They can also be used to dress up shades and blinds, adding visual interest to the room while hiding the often unattractive hardware used to hang these functional window treatments. Valances may also be among the most versatile treatments. They can be straight and tailored or their design can incorporate curved hems, draped swags, pleated, tab, or rod pocket tops. Cornices are also considered part of the valance family. They are usually made of lightweight wood, plastic, or styrofoam cover with fabric. 

Custom window treatments

Choosing the Perfect Soft Window Treatments

When trying to decide which type of window treatments you want to use in your home, consider your lifestyle as well as your design preferences. Are you going to want to open the drapes every morning and close them at night? Or would you rather just hang them and admire how beautiful they are? At Home Custom Interiors offers complete interior design services and soft window treatments are among our specialties. My team and I will work with you to create beautiful custom made window treatments that provide you with the functionality you want and perfectly complement your home’s unique interior design. Ready to get started? Let’s talk – the possibilities truly are endless! 

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