The All White Room - Make an Interior Design Statement

The All White Room – Make an Interior Design Statement

Color plays a key role in interior design. Choosing a color palette is one of the first and most important choices you will make when decorating.  There is one color that is often only considered as an accent or, in some cases, is completely overlooked – white. Although some may argue that white is the absence of color, it can significantly influence the look and feel of a space. Whether you are using white for accents and finishing touches or you’re going all in on an all-white room, never underestimate the impact of white.

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The All White Room

The secret to decorating primarily with white is to layer the space in different shades.  A great place to start is at the paint store. There you can browse all the various shades of white and choose the ones you like best. You can layer the paint samples to see how they will blend and complement each other. Once you decide on a shade of white for your walls, the other shades you chose will guide you in selecting the rest of your design elements. 

Incorporating shades of off-white or eggshell can create contrast. Using different textures and finishes such as a white shag area rug or a white velvet tufted headboard can add dimension. Installing white moldings against a white wall, each with a different finish can add interest as well. The worry many people have is that an all-white room can feel stark or boring. Done properly, an all white room can be strikingly beautiful and inviting.

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A Blank Canvas

If you’re not sure about creating an all-white room, consider going with just white walls. This will create the perfect backdrop for the rest of your design elements. White walls allow colored furnishings or artwork to stand out. White walls also offer greater versatility. If you decide to change the look of a room by getting new furniture or add different design elements, there’s no need to change the color of your walls. After all, white works well with any color!

White is Versatile

White works with any style. From the classic look of traditional and country design to contemporary and minimalist styles. White walls and design elements can be the perfect contrast to the rich wood tones often found in traditional or country furniture. It can also be the perfect complement to the sleek metal or metallic tones 

commonly found in contemporary or minimalist furnishings. White walls can also be the perfect backdrop for the boho look. Typically full of rich colors and textures, white walls can keep a bohemian styled space from color overload.

White in the Kitchen or Bathroom

While these aren’t typically all-white rooms, white can often be a significant part of the color palette. Crisp white kitchen cabinets can make a classic statement in the kitchen. Or if you prefer to go with colored kitchen cabinets, white walls, and white tiled backsplash can make them the focal point of the room. As bathrooms are often smaller spaces, white walls and tile can open up space and make it brighter. A splash of color can be added with cabinetry and bathroom accessories. White in the bathroom will allow you to switch out towels, bath mats, and shower curtains easily, updating the style of the space.

 how to decorate a room with white walls
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Decorating with White

Not sure the all white room is for you or maybe your not sure how to use white to complement your design style? No worries! At Home Custom Interiors offers a complete line of professional design services to help you find the perfect balance of color, texture, and finishes to perfectly complement your style. My team and I are passionate about bringing your vision of home to life. No decorating project is too big or too small. Whatever your interior design needs, we can handle them.. Ready to get started? Let’s talk

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